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Photo Gallery

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One of our best hunting dogs pointing a pheasant in the field. This dog regularly hunts game birds and fills his owner’s bird bag – even in winter. Even at 8 weeks of age, our puppies (like this one) are alert and interested in movement and pointing.
This is one of our bird dogs on point at a field trial last fall. Four of the five puppies from Wicked Thunders Kennels’ first litter of 2015 shown here at about 8-9 weeks old. One of our Wicked Thunder Kennels’ dogs shows perfect form on point.
Our bird dogs are extremely attentive to movement whether on a hunt or field trial. This English Pointer has worked hard with our trainer to become properly conditioned for all weather hunting conditions. As part of our training, we utilize riders on horseback to simulate field trial judging situations as shown here.
Early socialization helps to teach puppies (like this 7 week old) to be confident and unafraid of humans and other animals Wicked Thunder Kennels’ dogs have a natural talent for flushing out game birds like the adult dog here. Here’s a puppy from one of Wicked Thunder Kennels’ champion bloodlines litters.
A couple of Wicked Thunder Dogs at competition demonstrating that the background dog is honoring the nearer dog’s claim on the game bird. A few of our dogs at our home base camp in Edinboro, PA. Our litters produce top-bred dogs with a variety of coloration.  Shown: one of our liver and white puppies from our 2015 litter.
Our dogs turn out to be excellent at hunting and competitions well into their mature years like the dog shown. Color variation is different from litter to litter and dog to dog as seen here. One of our older puppies participates in his first field trial.
Our dogs are healthy and full of energy and enjoy much fresh air and plenty of room to run like this trail at our base camp fields. Wicked Thunder’s training camp has many open fields full of game birds like this one. This older puppy is next in line for one to one game bird hunting and training.
Our English Pointers are carefully bred to become natural bird hunters and standing on point comes easily to them like our dog shown here. A week old puppy from one of our Wicked Thunder Kennels’ litters. One of our dogs involved in one to one training in our winter camp in North Carolina.