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Our Dogs & Kennels

The start of a great bird dog

From the time of birth, all Wicked Thunder Kennels’ puppies  are socialized and trained using proven, time honored methods to achieve optimal performance (as shown).At Wicked Thunder Kennels, we believe in taking care of the small details that contribute to outstanding results. The selection of our dogs is directed towards lineage-proven bloodlines. We believe that the best dogs start with the best foundation lines of the breed.

The right training is crucial

From the time our dogs arrive, we utilize time honored, proven training methods to achieve optimal performance.

Our litters

Wicked Thunder Kennels’ uses various stimuli associated with field trials and hunting.  Shown here, one of our professional trainers using standard protocol to teach proper bird hunting technique.Litters are socialized early and exposed to various stimuli associated with field trials and hunting. Having access to these experiences helps set the foundation blocks for their future potential. A dog’s health and performance are intertwined. Proper nutrition, exercise, living conditions and health maintenance are all facets that we take seriously at Wicked Thunder Kennels. In short, we do everything possible to produce top notch bird dogs.

Litter availability

From an early age, our dogs are able to properly ‘point’ game birds as shown.At Wicked Thunder Kennels, our litters are carefully planned. We believe in quality breeding first and foremost. It takes time to evaluate dogs and bloodlines and when the decision to breed is made, it has been made with much thought and consideration. Because of this philosophy, we don’t have a minimum “quota” of litters produced in any specific time frame. Therefore, we don’t always have puppies ready for sale.

Wicked Thunder Kennels are clean and well maintained to ensure healthy, well housed dogs.Please contact us whether you are just starting your search or you are ready now. We will do our best to match your criteria with the right bird dog.

For more information call us directly at (814) 440-3863.