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It all starts with good bloodlines!

Wicked Thunder Kennels, located in Edinboro, PA is dedicated to setting foundation bloodlines for great bird dogs. One of Wicked Thunder Kennels’ dogs on point while hunting in the woods.Our current kennel champion bloodlines include Calico’s Thrillogy, Erin’s Tin Soldier, Beaver Meadow Benjamin, Elhew, Guard Rail, Joe Shadow, Snakefoot and Hamiltion’s Blue Diamond.

While our kennels are “new” to the breeding program, we are committed to turning out the best quality bird dogs possible for field trialing and hunting.

Dirty Dutchman - Good Bloodlines at Work

Wicked Thunder Kennels is home to Dirty Dutchman, Mid-Atlantic U.S. Complete Open Shooting Dog of the Year 2014-2105. This lemon and white pointer male is a son of Beaver Meadow Benjamin with lineage back to Beaver Meadow Bette and Jebs VD. Beaver Meadow Benjamin was a force to be reckoned with – winning many championships during his lifetime.

With his powerful body and great bird nose, Dirty Dutchman is just entering his prime. We can’t wait to see what this dog is capable of!

Everyday my dogs remind me why I love this sport

We routinely train our dogs during live hunts for game birds such as the pheasants shown here.Our owner, Teri Propst was first introduced to the sport of field trialing when invited by a friend to tag along to the Beaver Valley Pointer Setter Club in the Pittsburgh area a number of years ago. The very first field trail dog that Teri saw run was CH. Little Hope Chunky. He ran the brace and slammed on point with the style of a true bird dog. Instantaneously, the sport gained interest and excitement. Teri was invited to come see the most recent litter of CH. Little Hope Chunky’s puppies; and with much surprise, ended up leaving with an English Pointer puppy.

Since that first exposure to field trialing, the number of dogs in our kennels has grown along with our experience and desire to share our passion of the sport and the unique characteristics of bird dogs.

If you have a specific breed, age or skill level in mind for your next bird dog, don’t hesitate to contact us directly at (814) 440-3863.

Wicked Thunder Kennels has its own cast of characters
- just like every other sport.

Love the sport? Take a moment to check out our dogs, kennels and photo gallery. Dogs for Sale and Litters are subject to availability.

The Hunting Dog

Is a dog that is a great bird finder, has a willingness to please and has a desire and drive to hunt with determination. A great bird dog is one that will have your bird bag full at the end of the hunt.

The Competitive Dog

Is a dog that has style, grace, stamina and an eye-pleasing performance when in the field, whether on foot or horseback. These dogs put on a great show where people are excited to observe them in action. Heads high. Tails at 12 o’clock. You find them standing tall on point. The competitive dog has the mind and the body that can endure the rigorous regimen of field trialing.

The Companion Dog

Wicked Thunder Kennels’ dogs have the capability to be wonderful companion dogs. Our dogs all receive early socialization, interaction and exposure to a variety of situations, circumstances and conditions to help to put in place a strong positive foundation for future development on all levels.

At Wicked Thunder Kennels, our dogs have been selected to produce exceptional offspring and wicked sporting results. Our bloodlines include:

One of the puppies from our January 2105 litter of Wicked Thunder Kennels’ foundation bloodline dogs. Addition’s Go Boy
Attitude’s High Finance
Beaver Meadow Benjamin
Calico’s Thrillogy
Elhew Mr. McGoo
Elhew Snakefoot
Elhew Strike
Erin’s Tin Soldier

Wicked Thunder Kennels’ own award winning bird dog and our professional trainer. Guard Rail
Hamilton’s Blue Diamond
Honky Tonk Attitude
Hook’s Bounty Hunter
Jeb’s V D
Joe Shadow
Miller’s Silver Bullet
Mr. Awsum
Van Mac